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FAQs- Local Moving

With more than 25 years of experience in the moving industry, we are well equipped to handle any move situation. From local to long-distance moves, business and in-home moving, packing services, and storage solutions – we are able to take the stress out of your move, and get you where you need to go. We have a 91 percent customer referral rate across our system, proving we truly are the “TRUSTED MOVING PROFESSIONAL”!

Keep with you anything you or your family will use on the day of your move with you. Common items include snacks, toilet paper, paper towels, phone chargers, a change of clothes, toothbrush/toothpaste, and your kids’ favorite toys. Additionally, medications, important paperwork (e.g., birth certificates and social security cards), and anything highly valuable or sentimental (jewelry, credit cards, bank account information, etc.) should be set aside. On your moving day, place these essential items in a box or bag that you’ll carry with you to your new home.

Moving companies will usually give you a telephone estimate Movers might need to visit your home in person to give you an exact quote in some cases.

  • You may have to have a household estimate of 1,500 square metres or larger.
  • If you have big and heavy items (for example safes or pianos) which are hard to move securely and secure?
  • If your home have narrow corridors, doors or steps through which the furniture can’t fit?
  • Is it difficult for movers to park a truck 26 ft. near your home?
  • Block off time in the days before your move to pack. Give yourself enough time to pack carefully without feeling overly stressed out.
  • Decide the order in which you’ll be packing up your home. The most common way is to pack up each room separately.
  • Begin packing the room in your home that gets the least amount of use.
  • Save essentials for last. You won’t want to pack items you use daily, such as a toothbrush, until the last moment possible.
  • If you don’t have time to pack yourself, you can hire professionals. Most moving companies offer packing services as well.

You can change your address with the Canada Post Office online.

  • Visit
  • Follow the prompts to fill out your change of address information with the post office.

Although our movers are trained to never ask or hint for tips from customers, they are allowed to accept tips should customers feel inclined for the hard work they received.
In terms of what to tip the movers, we encourage customers to tip whatever they feel is necessary for the job that was completed.

  • Number of flights of stairs
  • Distance of walk from the truck to the load or unload location
  • The amount of time it takes to load and unload your items
  • Driving time from the load to the unload location

There is no single best box for moving. Different items require different types of moving boxes. To avoid damage during the move, you’ll want a combination of standard sized boxes:

  • Small box (1.5 ft3): best for heavy items such as books, canned goods, shoes, etc.
  • Medium box (3 ft3): best for items without a uniform shape such as lamps, lamp shades, or small kitchen appliances.
  • Large box (4.5 ft3) and extra-large box (6 ft3): best for light items like pillows and bedding.
  • Picture box: best for framed artwork, mirrors, and other thin items that are fragile and breakable.
  • Dish barrel and dish pack inserts: best for packing dishes and other fragile kitchen items.
  • Wardrobe box: best for clothes on hangers.

We wrap and cover all furniture with cushioned moving blankets, which are included in the base price.

We offer reasonably priced packing services if you are unable to pack your items on your own. Should you require our packing services, however, we recommend that you arrange for them prior to your moving date to allow for sufficient planning. The time our movers spend packing your items will be billed based on our standard hourly rate.

Yes, we require that you email a complete list of items that will be moved to us ahead of time. Based on the information you provide, Easy2 Go Movers will ensure that your movers arrive in a truck large enough to transport all of your items in one trip. Disclaimer: Our largest trucks (26 square feet) will be assigned to locations larger than 2 bedrooms. While these are typically large enough to accommodate a single move, in some cases our movers will need to conduct additional trips with no price adjustments.

If, for any reason, you need to reschedule your moving date, please contact us as soon as possible. The sooner you notify us, the easier it will be for us to accommodate your needs. Please note that if you reschedule your move within 3 days of your originally scheduled date, we will retain your deposit and require another security deposit.

We can move plants if necessary, but strongly recommend that you move any plants yourself and are not liable for any damages sustained by your plants during transportation.

We regret to inform our customers that perishable foods cannot be safely transported in our trucks. We suggest transporting perishable foods yourself using a cooler, or disposing of them prior to the move.

Each of our trucks includes a set of basic tools for assembling/disassembling items such as beds, dresser mirrors, and dining room tables, and our movers are happy to assist in their use. However, if an item requires special knowledge or tools we cannot service it, nor do we guarantee assembly of any item(s) that are new and still in their original box. We reserve the right to refuse assembly of furniture that was not taken apart by our movers. Please note that we provide assembly/disassembly services as a courtesy; our movers are not specially trained for advanced assembly/disassembly and might not be able to provide this service for all items. Also, due to liability concerns, we cannot provide assembly or disassembly services for baby cribs, water beds, tanning beds, gas appliances, pool tables or pianos. If you have any questions regarding a specific furniture item please contact us.

We do not connect or disconnect washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, or refrigerators. All appliances must be disconnected and drained prior to the moving team’s arrival.

We apologize, but we cannot mount or remove flat-screen TV’s from walls, nor can bolt or unbolt items on or from walls and ceilings.

We cannot transport pets, nor we are licensed or equipped for this purpose. We strongly recommend that you transport them yourself or place them in temporary care with a family member, friend, or pet shelter. We do require notice in advance if there are pets in the house so that we can dispatch a crew that is not allergic to pets. Disclaimer: Movers may refuse to handle items covered in fur or pet hair. Otherwise, they are entitled to additional handling fees which are determined on site.

Only with prior notice: customer must inform Easy2Go Movers of having eviction notice. The full payment will be required in advance. The foreman of your crew on site or an office manager will inform you when full payment is due: prior to loading or before unloading. Should the customer refuse to pay in full in advance, Easy2Go Movers reserves the right to cancel the move and retain the deposit.

We do not move toxins, including mouse or rat poison, oxygen and propane tanks, flammables, explosives, weapons and ammunition.

FAQs- Billing & Payment

Easy2 Go Movers charges for a minimum of two hours’ work. If your move exceeds this two-hour minimum, your billing period will increase in increments of 60 minutes. Exceptions will apply only to special case moves based on a fixed price.

The clock starts running once our movers arrive at your pick-up address, and the hourly rate continues through loading, transit to your destination, and unloading. The clock stops at your drop-off location once the truck is empty and all set-up tasks are completed.

Any stops between the initial pick up location and final destination will be charged an determine by the distance.

As our client, you are responsible for all parking tickets and downtime (waiting for the elevator or property key holder to be available, traffic, inspection of belongings upon delivery, waiting for any credit card charges or Interac e-transfers to go through, etc.). Also, all the trucks are maintained in accordance with Canada Ecological Requirements, therefore a technical stop for a truck regeneration procedure may occur during the assignment. Up to 15 minutes of such stop is included into the standard hourly rate.

We require that the moving team’s foreman receive all payments before our moving truck has been completely unloaded at your last drop-off location. For assignments scheduled for completion after office hours (6 pm EST), all credit card and Interac payments must be made 30 minutes before the office closes, to accommodate potential money transfer delays.

Easy2Go Movers accepts cash, major credit cards (4% convenience fee), and Interac email money transfers. Our apologies, but we cannot process payments through personal or company cheques. Should you require an exception, it must be approved by our office prior to your moving date.

Our movers are allowed one 15-minute break for every 2 hours of work, which is included in our standard hourly rate. If a moving project lasts for longer than 4 hours, our movers are allowed one 30-minute break for lunch, which will not be included in your billing time.

In the event of inclement weather (snow storms, heavy rain, high winds, etc), all arrivals are subject to delays. If necessary, Easy2Go Movers will reschedule the move to the next available date and time. However, we will neither give discounts or refunds, nor provide compensation in the event of any such rescheduling or delay.

Any moving time exceeding 10 consecutive labor hours or past 9pm will be considered overtime and therefore subject to a 50 per cent overtime fee. Should an assignment reach 12 hours your crew is not obligated to continue working and must be re-hired, if willing and available, on a future date.

We have no hidden fees, our prices are all inclusive. We charge an hourly rate for your move that is quoted to you upfront, and the only other charge is our flat-rate one-hour travel fee, which is explained to you ahead of time. No suprises, just awesome movers with a smile!

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