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It is common knowledge that experience and skills would be the most important features if a long distance moving is to be carried out. This is when Easy2Go Movers are able to commit to offering a flat rate for long distance moving, which ensures a memorable and stress-free move. Our professional team ensures that all the items, even the most vulnerable, are handled securely, so you will have nothing to think about on a day of the move, be assured that your goods are in safe hands.

One of the main advantages to choose Easy2Go movers for other long distance moving companies is that we will work closely with you on designing a custom moving strategy only for you. You can choose as many or as few resources as you want for your transfer by offering a full range of services.

Easy2Go Long Distance Moving Company strives to provide its customers with the utmost packaging and transport. For all moves, we provide white glove, door to door service. In order to protect it during the long drive, we wrap up all the furniture and appliances with blankets and shrink wrap completely. We dismantle and reassemble all furniture as necessary, and provide complete packaging services for dining and kitchenware, clothing, photos, mirrors and electronics. Such attention to detail is particularly important when travelling onto long distances because your things would probably spend more than several hours behind the truck

Moving Preparation:

The easiest way to prepare you and your family for a long distance moving is to become familiar with the process. We provide a detailed explanation of the moving procedure from what you can do before and during and after your move with Easy2Go Movers as your long-haul operators, including advice on packing and loading documentation and more.

Easy2Go Movers promises a quick and easy relocation experience while moving over shorter distances the next day. Our weight-based Pricing System makes sure that you charge only for what you lift. Either you want residential or commercial transfer facilities. Our popular routes are to Ottawa and Montreal, and we offer full moving service nearly every week to these cities. We can even move you back to Toronto, if necessary, on the basis of our frequent trips.

Easy 2 Go Movers experience and efficiency lets us keep our prices as low as possible for our customers. Our moving rates are competitive, and our service is of the highest professional quality. Let us put together a complete and comprehensive package for your long distance move so we can meet all your needs.

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